Woman of God, RUAH!

Ladies, I want to talk for a minute. Well, you read – I’ll write…  

For generations we have been labeled as lesser-than, broken, unworthy, weak, feeble, vicious, angry, entitled, unclean, ignorant, unable to lead because of our gender – the list goes on. For generations, some (not all) of us have accepted the labels and even perpetuated and monetized these labels for our own gain and influence.  

We are living in a time where we are fighting for equal rights in our government, but we are content to accept the parameters that the Church has set for us because we have grown accustomed and desensitized to the ideals that men are more anointed than we are. 

Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of this narrative.  

If women were supposed to be this inferior sex, then why would God have used women so influentially throughout scripture? Sarah, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Esther, Ruth, Naomi, etc. Every story that we read about those women shows us that 1. God has and will use women to complete His mission. 2. We are powerful, chosen, and qualified to minister the Gospel, perform miracles in His name, prophecy, teach, pastor, and any other method that advances the Kingdom! 

We (men and women) were made for war! We were made for battle!  

We must put to rest the woe-is-me, I’m just a woman way of life and put on our armor and fight! How will we ever break the spirit of oppression if we are constantly coddling it? How can we raise daughters who are strong and courageous if we align ourselves with adjectives like weak, simple, inferior, mediocre, ignorant, emotional, etc.  

Sarah, even though she may have been weary, wasn’t weak! She was STRONG in faith. Unwavering in certainty that God had the best course planned for her life. She was the mother of nations – no weak vessel could carry that title. 

Mary, mother of Jesus was anything but simple. She was EXTRAORDINARY. She was favored by God to carry His only son – can you even imagine? 

Mary Magdalene wasn’t mediocre; she was MADE RIGHTEOUS! A woman once possessed by seven demons, was set free by Jesus. She was the first woman to spread the Gospel of Jesus. She was the first to see Him when he was resurrected! She traveled with a group of men just so that she could be taught by the Master! An Apostle to the Apostles, if you will.  

Esther wasn’t unworthy of the calling on her life – she was made WORTHY by God and the assignment He placed on her life. God chose her to save her people before she was even born. Courage wasn’t her first response to the call of God, but it was the result of her obedience and willing heart.  

Woman of God, the men aren’t spending their time in life groups, conferences, and other meetings talking about worth and brokenness – they are preparing for battle! It’s time to rise up! It’s time to put on our armor and storm the field! RUAH! 

xx – Olivia